Sunset Clinic is part of the Intermountain Medical Group, a network of over 1,000 doctors and clinicians who specialize in their respective medical fields across Utah. Situated at West Sunset Boulevard in St. George, this clinic caters to people of all ages- they've got board certified pediatricians to family medicine doctors.

Sunset Clinic offers a wide range of medical services to help you with your health needs. These services include radiology, geriatrics, physical therapy, internal medicine, pediatrics, and rehabilitation for outpatients. They also have the Personalized Primary Care, an individualized care service that is patient-based. In addition, they also offer the InstaCare, which is a fast relief for minor illnesses and injuries.

For a special kind of care, you can never go wrong with Sunset Clinic. You may call them at (435) 634-6000 for more information.